We are looking for a part-time job at Hamburg bistro vinW

"I want to work only for a short time after work" such a part-time housewife (husband) is also welcome ♪ This is a shop where students and W work can also be active.

Shifts can be submitted every 2 weeks Completely free shift system that can be submitted ♪ If you can work in the full from the morning or the time of the dinner on the weekend etc

Application Requirements

We are thinking day and night so that our customers can enjoy food and wine

Shiodome's restaurant is confident about the food it offers, such as steak and hamburg. Based on the idea that you want to enjoy the food made with a particular attention and fine wine while slowly enjoying it, we have continued business until today. Because of that merit, customers are now well-received as the regional number one store.
We will strive to provide a better menu, so please come and visit us if you are looking for a restaurant.

Posting position

Hall staff

Work style

part time job


18 years old or older

Hourly wage

1,200 yen

Job Description

Cooking, accounting, etc.

Working hours

(Lunch) 10: 30-15: 00
(Dinner) 17: 00-23: 00
3 hours a day-OK


There is no excuse!


Shift system
* Shifts can be submitted every two weeks, so you can enhance your private life.

Service period

Long term

Transportation expenses

Partial payment

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Final Education
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