Please contact us if you are looking for a popular steak shop in Shimbashi / Shiodome

The hamburg bistro vinW, which offers steaks and hamburgers in Shimbashi and Shiodome, strives to provide services that will satisfy customers with their heart. By making the interior of the store a hideaway and reducing the lighting to create a calm atmosphere as a whole, we created a place where adults can relax and enjoy.
Many customers have been satisfied with the service of the restaurant and have received many voices of joy. We will continue to provide a space where you can enjoy meals and wines calmly, so please use it.

If you have a banquet in Shiodome, please choose a restaurant with delicious steak

There are many companies that have their headquarters in Minato-ku, where Shiodome is located, and people working at those companies are crowding restaurants near Shimbashi. Large-scale banquets are held in various places during the year-end party and welcome and farewell party, but the one who holds the head at that time is the one chosen as secretary. If you are worried about choosing a venue, please consult a restaurant in Shimbashi / Shiodome, Hamburg Bistro vinW.
We conduct our business with the customer in mind, so we will carefully provide various services so that each customer who participates in the banquet can be satisfied. With the pride of being the first store in Shiodome, we also offer high-quality and delicious banquet dishes. The interior of the shop is decorated like a hideaway, so visitors will be satisfied not only with delicious food but also the atmosphere. If you are looking for a restaurant with a calm atmosphere around Shimbashi or Onaricho, please consult us first.

You can walk from Shiodome Station to the restaurant where the steak is delicious

Even if you are looking forward to going to the restaurant, if access is inconvenient, you will get tired on the way and your feelings will be lost. However, the restaurants in Shiodome are within walking distance from multiple stations such as Shimbashi Station and Shiodome Station, so there is no such worry.
In addition, the advantage of the closeness of the store and the station is when you leave the store. Some customers drink too much wine and other alcoholic drinks and they can not stand by themselves when they leave the store. It is dangerous to walk long distance and return in such a condition, but if it is a store at the station Chika, you can reach the station by yourself, and you can make the fare cheaper even if you call a taxi. Also, there are various routes such as JR and subway, so you can stay at a business hotel even if you are far from home, so feel free to come without worrying about access.

Hamburg bistro vinW also offers lunch

The hamburg bistro vinW restaurant in Shimbashi and Shiodome is open for lunch as well as dinner. If you're very busy, you'll miss lunch, and you may be eating just like filling your stomach. However, getting a good diet and getting nutrients can lead to quality work. We offer delicious food to those working near the shop, so please use it.

The lunch menu is a hamburger that uses Iwate hanging aged short-horned beef. You can choose from 5 sources, and the amount of meat can be selected from 200g and 400g. The lunch menu includes jasmine tea and salad, as well as a 10-grain rice pilaf. A particularly popular sauce is the hamburg bistro vinW original onion sauce. The sweetness of onion and the fragrance of garlic and ginger spread on the hot iron plate. Popular with a wide range of customers, from young to elderly. Please come by all means to work hard in the afternoon.

The famous steak restaurant in Shiodome is perfect for entertaining

The Minato Ward where Shiodome is located is home to many corporate headquarters, and is said to be one of Japan's leading business districts. If you are working in Minato Ward, there are many times that your business partners are also in the same Minato Ward. In that case, entertainment will be performed in the Minato Ward where it is convenient for each other. There are many restaurants that operate to target such entertainment needs, so it will be a problem for those who choose a restaurant. If you're thinking about where to host the entertainment venue, be sure to choose a restaurant that offers meat dishes such as steaks and hamburgs.
Iwate Hashidate Aging, a famous food item, is a masterpiece of aging beef meat from the ground of the Tohoku region. The meat is used without hesitation in a variety of menus, such as onion-rich grasburger ham and cream sauce of shrimp and rock nori. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to treat your party with a luxurious meal.


Enjoy high quality steak and wine in Shiodome

Please spend quality time in a cozy space

If you would like to eat a steak or hamburger in Shiodome, you may wish to visit the hamburg bistro vinW. The master will offer you savory dishes, using the meat that you have carefully selected and stocked. We have prepared a selection of essential wines for meat dishes, so you will be satisfied with your visit.

As there are several stations around the store, it is convenient for those who are working in the neighborhood as well as those who are in the distance to visit. We will make the time in the hideout restaurant special, so please feel free to visit us if you are interested.


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