Please enjoy a special steak in Shimbashi and Shiodome

The hamburg bistro vinW, a restaurant in Shimbashi and Shiodome, offers steaks and hamburgers with special attention. The Iwate Hanging Aged Shorthorn Beef used in the restaurant is a high-grade ingredient that has been carefully matured over time from beef that has grown at Michinoku Ranch. In addition, the oni prime foie gras hamburger using high quality foie gras draws the umami of meat to the maximum.
The wines that match the dishes are also prepared by the master, making full use of their own know-how.

Features of hamburg bistro vinW

Restaurants offering steaks in Shiodome are close to the station

There are several stations within walking distance, including Shiodome Station and Onarimon Station, around the restaurants in Shimbashi and Shiodome. Therefore, it is necessary to have a dinner with an important business partner, and it can be said that it is convenient even if you come from a distance to do it in Shiodome. One of the nearby stations, Shimbashi Station, is also served by the Yokosuka Line, making it easy to come from Kanagawa Prefecture. In addition, the location of the store is located along a main road called Kanjo-dori, and there is one store, and since it is open for business on the road, the route to the store is not easily lost. Many customers have used it so far, so please come with confidence.
In recent years, commercial high-rise buildings have been constructed in the surrounding area where shops are located, and it is becoming a shopping area as well as a business area. After enjoying shopping in Shiodome, please come to a well-located restaurant to relieve your fatigue.

Hamburg bistro vinW is open for lunch

In order to be able to serve lunch for those who work in the office buildings lined up in Minato Ward, hamburg bistro vinW in Shimbashi and Shiodome is open for lunch.

The lunch menu is a hamburger stewed in Iwate, aged short-horned beef. You can choose from five sources. You can also choose the size of the hamburger from 200g and 400g. Lunch menu includes jasmine tea, salad, and ten-piece rice pilaf.

A particularly popular sauce is the onion sauce made by hamburg bistro vinW. The sweetness of onion and apple and the savoryness of garlic and ginger add to the appetite. The ripe avocado on the hamburger is accented with a mellow texture. Please order by all means. You can be satisfied with your empty stomach. Please come and visit us.

In Shiodome you can enjoy various French dishes including steak

In addition to the popular steaks and hamburgers, the restaurant offers a variety of dishes. For example, it is possible to serve antipasto before serving meat dishes. Antipasto means "before meal" and refers to appetizers in Italian cuisine. By eating a delicious antipasto that you can easily order and eat, you will be able to challenge meat dishes thoroughly. In addition, hamburg vinW, a restaurant in Shimbashi and Shiodome, offers homemade pickles and marinated octopus at a reasonable price.
As the first store in the area of Shimbashi and Shiodome, we will deliver satisfaction to your tongue, so please come when you are hungry.

You can enjoy wines that go well with steaks in Shimbashi and Shiodome

Not only can dishes be served individually, but they can also be tasted better when combined with other dishes and drinks. If you are asked for Iwate hanging aged short-horn beef steak or onimori foie gras hamburger, please order wine together. Masters who are particular about the wines of each country prepared using their own know-how. Eating a meat dish with a rich red wine or a refreshing white wine will have a synergistic effect and make the meal many times more enjoyable.
Sake is made to be compatible with the dishes and ingredients often eaten in the area where it is produced. Just as sake made in Japan, which has abundant marine products, goes well with sashimi, wine grown in the United States and Europe, with a focus on meat dishes, goes well with steaks and hamburgers, so be sure to try the harmony.


Enjoy high quality steak and wine in Shiodome

Please spend quality time in a cozy space

If you would like to eat a steak or hamburger in Shiodome, you may wish to visit the hamburg bistro vinW. The master will offer you savory dishes, using the meat that you have carefully selected and stocked. We have prepared a selection of essential wines for meat dishes, so you will be satisfied with your visit.

As there are several stations around the store, it is convenient for those who are working in the neighborhood as well as those who are in the distance to visit. We will make the time in the hideout restaurant special, so please feel free to visit us if you are interested.


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