Please enjoy it while relaxing hamburg in Shiodome

The hamburg bistro vinW, which specializes in meat dishes such as hamburgers and steaks in Shiodome, strives to ensure that guests have a relaxing time in a relaxed setting. With a commitment to ingredients and stocking, using Iwate hanging ripened short-corner cattle, of course, is characterized by the master itself has a selection of wines of each country.
In addition, since the impression sent from the customer who used until now is published as a voice of the customer, please use it once when you come.

Experience the hamburger and wine pairing in Shiodome

Not only do you drink alcohol, but if you enjoy it along with the food that goes with it, you can enjoy not only alcohol but also food. A wide variety of wines are available at Shiodome's restaurant, so please order according to your food.
It will be delicious if you taste both sake and food, but you need some ideas for how to combine them. It may not be delicious to combine things that are incompatible with each other, but it may be counterproductive, but the taste will increase like multiplication when you combine them after understanding their characteristics. The chef carefully selected one bottle of wine at Shiodome's restaurant and prepared a meal that matched meat dishes. Instead of having the same wine all year round, we will change the lineup according to the brewing condition of the wine storehouse and the weather at that time. Therefore, customers can enjoy various combinations, so please come once if you are interested in the taste of meat and wine.

Enjoy Hamburg in a cozy space in Shiodome

The reason why Yakisoba and curry eat at the sea house are more delicious than usual is that eating in the sea environment adds value to the food. Not only the food is delicious, but the attractiveness is further enhanced by the addition of good eating environment.
Providing delicious food is a major premise, and Shiodome's restaurant is focused on creating the atmosphere inside the restaurant to enjoy the other elements. The interior of the store is decorated in brown tones, and the lights are dimmed, making you feel as if you were in a hideout. In addition, the chairs and tables used create a relaxed atmosphere, and the wood-grained counter table provides relaxation for guests visiting one person or a small number of people. We have a space where you can be satisfied except with meals, so feel free to come.

Signboard menu of famous hamburg restaurant in Shiodome

On the hamburger bistro vinW in Shiodome, one of the signboard menu is the Oni-grilled gravel hamburg. The hamburger uses an Iwate suspension ripened short-corner beef, which is a particular ingredient. I placed a large foie gras on top of it, and then added a special onion sauce over it. The mellowness of foie gras and the fragrant sauce that has studied the recipe will bring out the best in the taste of the meat.
Iwate hanging ripened short angle cattle used in hamburg are beef meat grown so as not to be stressed as much as possible on a spacious ranch in Iwate Prefecture. By aging the meat, which contains a large amount of amino acids that are the basis of umami, for a long time in the form of a carcass, we extracted not only umami but also sweetness and softness. We will provide you with the best hamburgers from the ingredients, so please come visit us once you are interested.

The famous steak restaurant in Shiodome is open for lunch.

Shiodome's restaurant is open at lunchtime so that lunches can be provided to people working in office buildings that line Minato Ward. The steak has a strong image of what to eat at dinner, but it is perfect at noon, so please order once by all means.
Of course we also offer a basic menu for lunches other than steak and hamburg. Antipasto, which has an appetizer meaning, is offered at a reasonable price, so if you want to have a quick lunch, you should choose that. Also, if you have a hearty menu, you can be satisfied with even men. Iwate Halibut Bolognese with a short angle of aging, I use the meat that is also used in the steak, so I will be able to be fully satisfied even if I have a vacant stomach. We offer the right food for those looking for a place to eat, so please stop by.


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Hamburg bistro vinW

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5-5-3 Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo Le Grand Ciel BLDG 25 1F

phone number
business hours

11:30 to 23:00

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Day, celebration


Shiodome's hamburger bistro vinW, which offers steaks, creates an in-store space where customers can relax and not be rushed for the convenience of the shop. The interior is conscious of a hideaway, and the low brightness lighting creates an atmosphere for adults to enjoy. Customers can enjoy hamburg and wine and other dishes in a cozy space, so please do not hesitate to visit us.


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