Shiodome's hamburg bistro vinW is customer first

It is the hamburg bistro vinW that is encouraging day and night to have its customers enjoy the famous food such as hamburg and steak in Shiodome. We also pay attention to the decoration in the store and devise ideas for our customers to enjoy food and wine. We will respond to small requests so that we can be a valuable refresh point in lively Shiodome.
We strive to be a convenient and comfortable store for our customers, so please come and go.

Iwate suspension ripened short angle beef used in hamburg restaurant in Shiodome

It is not enough to try trial and error in the kitchen alone to provide a truly delicious dish. By directing awareness to the stage before the ingredients are brought to the kitchen, you will only be able to make fine dishes. In Shiodome's restaurant, Iwate Suspension Aged Short Square Cattle are used. This is a meat that has been grown in the form of a carcass, suspended and stress-free cows grown on a large pastureland in the northeastern part. The red meat, which is grown by grazing and has a large amount of amino acid stored, can be further enhanced in umami taste, sweetness and softness by aging.
This Iwate Suspension Aged short-horn beef is used at Shiodome's restaurant for various dishes, including hamburgers and steaks. We will offer dishes that customers are truly satisfied with using professional technology that they have trained for a long time, so please come and visit us once you wish for a delicious meat dish.

Shiodome's hamburg bistro vinW also operates during the daytime

Dietary energy intake is essential for human activity. However, it's not just that you need nutrition, it is only by slowly eating something that has been carefully cooked that your body as well as your mind will be satisfied, and you will be able to perform well.
Shiodome, which has a restaurant, is a business district full of various companies. We also have lunch business because we want people working in this place to eat well. Some people have a strong image of Hamburg and do not understand the image of lunch, but please rest assured that there are also menus for salad and other lunches besides meat dishes. In addition to serving as a staple food, we also offer side dishes such as anchovy potatoes and raw ham, so you can order one by one. We will serve you delicious dishes, so please visit us once.

Shiodome's shops also recommend a menu other than hamburg

Shiodome's restaurant has meat dishes such as hamburgs and steaks as the main menu, but other dishes are also recommended. Green Leaf Yogurt Dressing is a lush, one-of-a-kind product with a thick dressing on fresh vegetables, and it is not only delicious when eaten as it is, but it combines with meat dishes to eliminate the greasy taste in the mouth. You can also enjoy the shrimp and iwa nori cream sauce with the scent of persimmon.
Antipasto is a popular option for people who want to eat lightly. Antipasto is an appetizer in Italian cuisine, but it has the taste that can be a leading role in a single piece. If you want a refreshing sour taste, you may prefer marinated octopus or homemade pickles. In addition, if you want to eat meat in Antipasto, we also have cold hamburg of chicken. As you can enjoy other than hamburg and steak, please come to the store.

The restaurant of Shiodome, where Hamburg is delicious, has a calm atmosphere

Shiodome's hamburg bistro vinW is focused on creating a shop atmosphere, as it wants customers to enjoy food and wine. The interior of the store like a hideout is decorated with reduced color taste, and it also creates a space where adults can relax relaxedly by suppressing the brightness of the light. There is a calm atmosphere on the whole, so if you want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, the restaurant in Shiodome will be better. There is also a counter with wood grain, so you can use it with one person or a small group without hesitation.
Shiodome and Minato Ward are always crowded with people because they are Japan's leading business districts. If you are a little tired from that condition, please come and enjoy a fine meat dish and a masterful wine.


Enjoy high quality steak and wine in Shiodome

Please spend quality time in a cozy space

If you would like to eat a steak or hamburger in Shiodome, you may wish to visit the hamburg bistro vinW. The master will offer you savory dishes, using the meat that you have carefully selected and stocked. We have prepared a selection of essential wines for meat dishes, so you will be satisfied with your visit.

As there are several stations around the store, it is convenient for those who are working in the neighborhood as well as those who are in the distance to visit. We will make the time in the hideout restaurant special, so please feel free to visit us if you are interested.


You can visit from several stations on foot


Store name

Hamburg bistro vinW

Street address

5-5-3 Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo Le Grand Ciel BLDG 25 1F

phone number
business hours

11:30 to 23:00

Regular holiday

Day, celebration


Shiodome's hamburger bistro vinW, which offers steaks, creates an in-store space where customers can relax and not be rushed for the convenience of the shop. The interior is conscious of a hideaway, and the low brightness lighting creates an atmosphere for adults to enjoy. Customers can enjoy hamburg and wine and other dishes in a cozy space, so please do not hesitate to visit us.