If you would like to eat a hamburger in Shiodome please visit us

The hamburg bistro vinW, which offers a variety of meat dishes such as hamburger in Shiodome, is particular about the food and wine provided and pays close attention to stocking and material selection. Customers can enjoy their meals in a cozy space, we are working hard every day thinking about it first, and now it is used as a regional number one store.
We will strive to satisfy many customers, so please enjoy delicious food and wine and come to the store.

Shiodome's hamburger bistro vinW can also be used for entertaining

The Minato Ward where Shiodome is located is one of the leading business districts in Japan, and since there are a large number of corporate headquarters that everyone knows, there are many entertainment opportunities in this area. There are many restaurants that target such demand in Minato Ward, but if you choose a restaurant you will be overwhelmed with too many options. If you are looking for a venue and still can not decide where to go, please choose a Shiodome restaurant.
In the store's image of a hidden house, you can be away from the noise while in the city center. In the spacious adult space, important business guests will be satisfied. In addition, wine is recommended if you are a drinker. All the wines prepared by the restaurant are fragrant and very good with meat, which will further enhance the satisfaction with the meal. We support your entertainment in a comfortable space, so please contact us if you have any problems.

You can produce a banquet while holding a hamburger in Shiodome

The Minato ward, one of Japan's leading business districts, is lined with a number of rental office buildings, and the entire building is also home to one corporate headquarters. There are many people working here in proportion to the number of buildings, so the night in Minato Ward is crowded with business people returning from work every day.
Normally, each one will only have a small group of people, and it will be necessary to hold a banquet with all the departments when it is time for a big business meeting or a welcome and farewell party. It's a fun party, but the hard ones are secretary. There is no end to the troubles of where to go in the shop and whether you will not get lost. Please consult the Shiodome restaurant at such times. We will consider first and foremost to satisfy our customers. The location of the store is also within walking distance from multiple stations, so there is no need to worry about getting lost. Please contact us once to meet your needs.

We deliver satisfaction to customers of Shiodome with hamburg and wine

The Hamburg Bistro vinW, which continues to operate in Shiodome, offers guests a comfortable eating environment. The restaurant master has a history of working for over 20 years in a large restaurant. However, only the turnover rate and productivity of the store were required there. The desire to create a place where customers can really enjoy eating and drinking is getting stronger, and it is this restaurant in Shiodome that has made a single surprise, became independent, and opened anew.
In the restaurant, we want our customers to forget the daily busyness and enjoy the food and wine. Therefore, the interior was reminiscent of a hidden house, and the lightness of the lighting was suppressed to create a calm atmosphere. The lineup of wines provided varies according to the season and the brewing condition of the wine store, and you will enjoy new pairing of meat and wine whenever you come, so please come visit us once if you are interested.

Shiodome's hamburger bistro vinW also operates during the daytime

Dietary energy intake is essential for human activity. However, it's not just that you need nutrition, it is only by slowly eating something that has been carefully cooked that your body as well as your mind will be satisfied, and you will be able to perform well.
Shiodome, which has a restaurant, is a business district full of various companies. We also have lunch business because we want people working in this place to eat well. Some people have a strong image of Hamburg and do not understand the image of lunch, but please rest assured that there are also menus for salad and other lunches besides meat dishes. In addition to serving as a staple food, we also offer side dishes such as anchovy potatoes and raw ham, so you can order one by one. We will serve you delicious dishes, so please visit us once.


Enjoy high quality steak and wine in Shiodome

Please spend quality time in a cozy space

If you would like to eat a steak or hamburger in Shiodome, you may wish to visit the hamburg bistro vinW. The master will offer you savory dishes, using the meat that you have carefully selected and stocked. We have prepared a selection of essential wines for meat dishes, so you will be satisfied with your visit.

As there are several stations around the store, it is convenient for those who are working in the neighborhood as well as those who are in the distance to visit. We will make the time in the hideout restaurant special, so please feel free to visit us if you are interested.


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