Iwate hanging ripened short-corn cows are used for hamburg without hesitation

The hamburger bistro vinW in Shiodome has a strong commitment to meat. The meat used for hamburgers and steaks is beef meat that has been grown to minimize stress on Michinoku's spacious ranch called Iwate-hanging and aging short-corner cattle. Meat has been suspended for a long time as a carcass, which increases the taste and sweetness of the inside and the softness of the body.
If you would like to enjoy the meat soup from hamburg in Shiodome's shop, please come by once.

The restaurant of Shiodome, where Hamburg is delicious, has a calm atmosphere

Shiodome's hamburger bistro vinW is focused on creating a shop atmosphere, as it wants customers to enjoy food and wine. The interior of the store like a hideout is decorated with reduced color taste, and it also creates a space where adults can relax relaxedly by suppressing the brightness of the light. There is a calm atmosphere on the whole, so if you want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, the restaurant in Shiodome will be better. There is also a counter with wood grain, so you can use it with one person or a small group without hesitation.
Shiodome and Minato Ward are always crowded with people because they are Japan's leading business districts. If you are a little tired from that condition, please come and enjoy a fine meat dish and a masterful wine.

A restaurant where you can enjoy hamburger in Shiodome is located at Station Chika

Hamburg bistro vinW is also useful when you want to eat hamburg in Shiodome. Even if you have a great restaurant, it will be difficult to visit if it is troublesome until you get there. However, Shiodome's shops are within walking distance from multiple railway stations such as Shimbashi Station and Shiodome Station, so it is easy to visit. Since the store is located in a single street from the boulevard, which is called the Round Two Road, it is also a recommended store when you come to the store by taxi.
The Yamanote Line, Keihin Tohoku Line, Tokaido Line, etc. are located at Shimbashi Station closest to the restaurant, so access from the north and south as well as in Tokyo is good. As we try to be shop which we want to visit even if we are shaken by train for a while, please come to the store once by all means when you live in the distance.

Shiodome's restaurant offers delicious food besides hamburg

As we recommend hamburgers and steaks, you may think that only meat dishes are available, but Shiodome's restaurant also offers a variety of other menus. Shrimp and rock nori cream sauce is a dish that combines the taste of seafood with the mellowness of cream sauce and cheese. Also, if you want to enjoy hot dishes, bacon and shingles arabiata are popular, so please do not hesitate to order at lunch.
In addition to that, we offer antipasto. Antipasto means an appetizer, and Italian cuisine offers these at the beginning of the course. Shiodome's restaurant also offers sour taste such as homemade pickles and marinated octopus as antipasto, so please enjoy it.

Please enjoy wine with hamburg in Shiodome

Red wine contains grape-derived tannins, which wrap the oil in the mouth. That's why by combining wine with meat dishes, you can enjoy it without feeling greasy.
Shiodome's restaurant also focuses on wine in order to have you enjoy the meat dishes of your choice. The wines in the store are collected by the master to see if it suits the meat dishes. The list is updated according to the season, not always the same thing, so you can enjoy a combination of wine and meat dishes in different patterns. Some people are concerned that if you ask for wine, it may be expensive, but we will guide you at a reasonable price. If you want to enjoy pairing with our famous hamburger and delicious wine, please do not hesitate to visit us.

Recommended blog for customers who want hamburg in Shiodome

The way to enjoy cooking is not only taste and appearance. How it feels depends on the atmosphere of the place where the food is served, and even the amount of knowledge about the food makes a difference in the fun.
Shiodome's restaurants publish blogs on their websites to give customers a deeper understanding of the menu they offer, such as hamburgers and steaks. We publish articles that make dining in the restaurant more interesting, such as episodes related to menus and the tweets of a master who is serving food. In addition, we accept requests from time to time to read articles with such content, and we will strive to make our customers happy. Of course, we will update regularly, so please be sure to read it once before using the store.