Enjoy high quality steaks and wines in Shimbashi

Spend quality time in a cozy space

If you want to eat steaks and hamburgers in Shimbashi, you can visit hamburg bistro vinW. Using Iwate hanging aged short-horn beef, the master will offer a rich flavor of food. We offer a selection of wines that are indispensable for meat dishes, so customers who visit us will be satisfied.

There are Shimbashi Station, Onarimon Station, Toranomon Station and Shiodome Station around the store, so it is convenient for not only those working in the neighborhood but also those who are far away. We will make your time at a retreat restaurant special, so if you are interested, please feel free to visit us.


All dishes use fresh ingredients

We have a high quality menu including meat dishes


You can also order Antipasto

There is a large selection of wines that goes well with the dishes


We will inform you of the latest information on the restaurant

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We have posted employment information of Hamburg bistro vinW

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Posting position

Hall staff

Work style

part time job


18 years old or older

Hourly wage

1,200 yen

Job Description

Cooking, accounting, etc.


You can visit from several stations on foot


Store name

Hamburg bistro vinW

Street address

5-5-3 Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo Le Grand Ciel BLDG 25 1F

phone number
business hours

11:30 to 23:00

Regular holiday

Day, celebration


Shiodome's hamburger bistro vinW, which offers steaks, creates an in-store space where customers can relax and not be rushed for the convenience of the shop. The interior is conscious of a hideaway, and the low brightness lighting creates an atmosphere for adults to enjoy. Customers can enjoy hamburg and wine and other dishes in a cozy space, so please do not hesitate to visit us.

About us

Shops offering steaks in Shiodome can also be used for entertaining

For entertainment in Shiodome, we recommend a restaurant that boasts a steak

The area around Shimbashi is one of Japan's leading business districts, so entertainment is frequented in this area. In fact, Shiodome has a large number of restaurants with a main target of entertainment customers. There are many options for entertaining, but please choose one of the restaurants that offers steaks. Even if you are researching in advance, you will not know what your entertainment partner wants until that time. Therefore, it is important to choose a restaurant that maintains quality in all respects. The quality of customer service can affect company luck. If you want to make your key business a success, be sure to choose a restaurant that offers high quality steaks.
The restaurant specializes in heavy meat dishes and at the same time offers a light antipasto, so you can change the type of food you order depending on your taste. In addition, even if you like liquor, Shiodome's restaurant can provide you with fine wines from around the world. In addition, we accept reservations over the phone or the web, so please feel free to contact us if you are interested.

The master who bakes a steak in Shiodome has a certainty

Food is essential for living things. Depending on what you ate, your body will be made, and you will receive tomorrow's food. The quality of food also leads to the quality of the creature itself. The restaurant masters who are operating in Shiodome are always committed to the food they offer.
Iwate aged short horn cows used in steaks and hamburgs can increase the taste and sweetness by suspending beef meat grown without stress on a vast farm in Michinoku for a long period of time, and further increasing the taste and sweetness of the meat. It is a very high quality food that also gives softness. In addition, each wine serving wine is also collected using the master's own route. The master has repeatedly studied and opened this restaurant with the desire to provide a space that customers can really enjoy, not a restaurant that has lost the essence of food, which has given priority to store turnover and profits. . Now, it has been well received from a wide range of customers from young people to elderly people. We will continue to strive to satisfy our customers' bodies and minds with the food we offer, so if you are interested please come and go.